Final Product 5: Project questionnaires and results analysis

The project conducted surveys using the Google Forms tool at the beginning of the project and at the end. There were surveys for 4 target groups.

The initial questionnaire of the SWOT SCOUTS Project was answered by students, teachers, management teams and parents of the 4 partner educational centers. For this, four surveys were carried out – one for each of the aforementioned roles – whose theme was emotional intelligence and the introduction of activities in the school curriculum that help to develop it. Some of the questions were aimed at measuring the perception of the respondents about the problems of coexistence and the management of discipline in the schools. The frequencies of the results were signified in a results report and recorded on the e-twinning platform.

The end-of-project questionnaire was analysed with teachers’, students’ and parents’ responses, and a report was issued in July 2021. The questionnaires were administered to project’s participants at the end of the project to evaluate the project’s implementation and results.

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Analysis of the Final Questionnaire Results _ E+ project Swot Scouts