Mobility C2-Skopje, North Macedonia

Event C2: “Values strengths and positive learning environment” (13-17th May)


The second mobility of the project took place from 13th May to 17th May 2019. Here’s a link to the Mobility Agenda:

Mobility 2 – AGENDA 13-17th May

The main strategy is to introduce and develop the positive values ​​in the classroom and school improvement of the value curriculum development. Thus the aim completion provides social emotional learning between the schoolmates and the teachers and the students by strengthening their emotional relationship. The students learnt how to identify problems, analyze situations, solve the problems by reflecting and making ethical decision together.

The participants during the workshops, presentations, performances and curricular activities learned to know h understand their own values ​​and compare to others’ values. Filling the survey helps them to identify their emotional skills and understand themselves better, but identify also on those that would develop and work on more so to become a better person for themselves and for the society as well.

The curriculum lessons included a number of local students. (in drama, dance class,music, art, gym, English, other)

Activities performed :

  • Emotional Diary Notebook – summative product

Emotional Diary is a tool to note down all the impressive events, feelings and activities during the stay in Skopje and host country

  • Practicing Kindness and self Awareness

We continue the story of self awareness and transfer to actions, being kind is a virtue and value that help the school kids live in a friendly learning environment.

  • Games and Social Integrity

Playing games can be learnt in a way to practice friendly win win strategies in order to reflect on the problems and make solutions

  • Practicing EMPATHY

Kids learn to get the inside track on how to tackle the challenges of conflicts and building their person by putting oneself into other shoes or seeing the things with the eyes of the peers.

  • Boosting Social Emotional Intelligence Skills & Values

Emotional vocabulary is explored trough being aware of the feelings. The kids are reflective and talk about values ​​strengths and are ready to write their diary and daily journals. Values ​​discussed – empathy, happiness, hope, love etc.

  • Empathy in Art works

The pupils create their works on the strengthening the emotions towards the outer world, the Mother Nature and its living beings

  • Cultural inheritance – Feelings in Macedonian songs

The rhythm in Macedonian folklore is always connected with the emotional milieu of the historic background.

  • Me and the others (Sharing other people’s feelings)
    The story of Oscar Wild will be a literature design tool to make the kids aware of the other people and their feelings and be tolerant and create happiness. Emotional vocabulary strengthened and learnt.
  • Folklore Rhytm & Gym

The pupils dance “an ORO” in gym altogether, working on movements and pace of the dance.

  • Exhibition (Painting Emotions Pictures made by students)

Feelings are described, felt and expressed without words.