Emotional Intelligence resources

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RESOURCES on Social Emotional Skills

♥ What do teachers need to take into account when considering doing activities about emotional education?

♥ Introducing Emotional Intelligence

♥ Emotional Awareness is Important

♥ The Benefits of Emotional Awareness_Paul Ekman

♥ The teen brain_6 things to know

♥ Planting Seeds of Change Through Positive Discipline

♥ “Journaling for Mental Health”, at Health Encyclopedia by the University of Rochester Medical Center)

♥ The relationship between emotion and reason

♥ How emotions affect logical reasoning: evidence from experiments with mood-manipulated participants, spider phobics, and people with exam anxiety

♥ how-to-get-your-esl-students-excited-with-pbl

Project SWOT Scouts_Topic-related readings at IES Azcona