E Safety Day – OOU Vlado Tasevski, Skopje 11 February 2020

E Safety Label

“Web tools, technology and Safety on Internet in the education”

The training sessions for the teachers were realized by Liljana Pecova, from Center for Internet and development and Good Governance “Impetus”, Skopje and enhanced by the Management of the School and the principal Elka Daskalova.

Мodules covered   

 – Social Media and Safe use       – Research IT Web tools in education                                 – The web sites and  portals      – Digital literacy

E Safety Label

       The eSafety Label (eSL) is a Europe-wide accreditation and support service for schools, aiming to provide a secure, enriching environment with safe access to online technology as part of the teaching and learning experience. European Schoolnet organisation aims to bring innovation in teaching and learning to key stakeholders: Ministries of ducation, schools, teachers, researchers, and industry partners.
ICT and digitization are a particular focus of European Schoolnet’s work, because of the critical role they play in terms of designing and implementing future classroom scenarios and supporting new forms of learning both in and out of school.
The increased use of the Internet, mobile devices and computers in the curricular activities has imposed an urge for taking appropriate measures providing safe use of the Internet and social media from both students and teachers. The Primary School Vlado Tasevski takes care of safety and provides safe environment for Internet usage by organizing seminars, trainings, advising students on e-safety as well as displaying e-safety rules. On that occasion, teachers Violeta Panev and Biljana Jovanova have created a document on an e- safety policy based on the criteria for acquiring an e-Safety Label.
The Policy provides guidance on the protection of student and staff data, the safe use of the Internet, as well as appropriate measures in case of any incidents.

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