Violeta Panev, Teacher of the Year

The Teachers of the Year , Skopje North Macedonia,

24.05.2019 Skopje, N.Macedonia

On the eve of the 24th of May 2019, the Day of the Slavic Teachers and educators St. Cyril and Methodius, the Association of Educational Workers of the City of Skopje announced the Teachers of the Year.

The Association awarded an appreciated Certificate  and recognition plaquette to MA Sc. Violeta Panev, teacher of English at the primary school “Vlado Tasevski”, in the field of subject teaching in primary education.

The teacher, said the Association, is an important factor in the educational process. Their role in shaping the young person is irreplaceable. Without a doubt, their work is one of the most complex, most responsible, and most noble human activities.

The Association of Educational Workers of the City of Skopje was established in 2000 as an expert-scientific, non-political  association and a legitimate representative of the teachers of the City of Skopje.

The Association emphasizes its activity by organizing and participating in seminars, congresses, symposiums, counseling, round table, literary and artistic competitions, celebrations, significant dates, etc. In accordance with the Statute of the Association, The Teachers of The Year of the City of Skopje, N. Macedonia is proclaimed annually on different levels: pre-school education, primary education, subject teaching, as well as from the professional associates and secondary school teachers.


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